For our B2B clients

Because we make only one first impression in split-second, let’s ensure it has a positive impact on us.

Based on my B2B and marketing experiences with major international brands, I work with companies to help them work on the image and the communication skills of their executives and their employees.

I also support brands to enhance their sales and magazines to differentiate their content.

You want to know more? Contact me and we can discuss your customized offer that will fit your expectations and objectives.



Whether you are a business manager, executive, commercial or professional, you know that your image is constantly examined and evaluated by your employees, your colleagues or your customers!

I offer personalized coaching in line with your personality and your socio-professional universe in order to meet the challenges and expectations that arise.

TV & Media

TV hosts, weather presenters or guests on TV shows, I will interfere to enhance your features at their best by using techniques based on your colorimetric and morphological analysis to define the style that will make you shine as a star!

Plateaux télé


Do you want to give your readers more attractive topics that can create awareness and engagement and so your content will be appealing? I can assist on that by creating ideas and content in line with the magazine value and vision and taking into consideration the social trends and highlights.


Do you want to create or mark your difference? Enhance the message of your brand image? Increase the attractiveness of your windows to boost your sales? I will help you achieve your business goals by establishing the right strategy that are in line with your values ​​and your vision.

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