Teheni Dridi

Image consultant and stylist

Certfied RNCP level II - ESR Paris

Through various methods such as colors and body type analysis, I help men and women seeking to enhance their image in order to achieve their personal and professional goals.


I also work with professionals who wish to evaluate the dress code of their company and work on the body language as well as the communication skills of their employees and managers.


Born in Tunis, the Mediterranean capital that weaves its roots from the ancient Carthaginian civilization where stylistic tendencies were already marked. Coming from a family with a long tradition of artists and raised by a mother in love with Paris who introduced me to the world of fashion from a very young age.

I performed my talents for many years in the field of marketing in Dubai, the cosmopolitan and fashion capital “par excellence” where clothing is considered an initiation rite and the image conveyed as an identity marker.

Now living in Versailles, a French high place for creating arts of all kinds, I was inspired by my origins, my family heritage and all my experiences acquired from multiple cultures to support and advise anyone, any organization. to determine their style in relation to their identity and ideological construction.


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